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S3 Ep 20 An Entrepreneur's 3 P's: Persistence, Pivot & Posterity [w/ Marki Lemons-Ryhal]

Updated: May 24, 2021


We all know...or maybe it's a wake-up call...but persistence is a big "P" in entrepreneurship.

There are a couple of others by the name of Pivot and, one we don't hear quite as often...Posterity.

My guest on this episode of the Ambition, Honey & Hustle podcast, Marki Lemons-Ryhal, and I explore all three of the P's from a very personal standpoint on the entrepreneurial success journey.

Marki Lemons-Ryhal is a highly sought-after professional keynote speaker, delivering on-site and virtual keynotes, workshops, and continuing education on Social Media, Technology, and Ethics for real estate professionals.

A proud Chicago native and fifth-generation entrepreneur, Marki Lemons-Ryhal is a renowned real estate educator and keynote speaker specializing in social media training for brokers, banks, and title companies. Over the last 14 years, Ryhal, the founder of ReMarkiTable, LLC, has taught more than 500,000 students and written more than 100 classes approved for continuing education.

After earning her Master's degree in business administration and teaching hotel and restaurant management courses on a collegiate level, Ryhal made a move to real estate, becoming a loan originator in 1999 and opening up her discount real estate brokerage three years later.

In 2007, she became an expert in foreclosure and short sales in anticipation of the market crash. "I have the ability to interpret trends and pivot my business quickly," says Ryhal. "Today, I'm pivoting my business yet again in the world of real estate due to COVID-19."

As an international best-selling author, Marki Lemons-Ryhal is dedicated to all things real estate. If you want to succeed in real estate and build a sustainable, successful real estate business, browse Marki’s publications created specifically with the real estate professional in mind.

In this episode, we will talk about…

  • The mental game you'll require in starting a business

  • Being able to pivot and do it QUICKLY

  • Building your OWN legacy


Watch the whole video of this episode below


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