S3 Ep 15 Challenge: Start a business in ONE day

Figuring out what business to start in any amount of time can be overwhelming and confusing. Let alone trying to do it in just one day.

But, getting started in one day has special significance...

Speed to action.

And success is in love with...yes, of course... speed :)

So I’ve broken it into four steps that allow you to move forward on your business and start working on your exit from 9 to 5.

You have to know you're not alone in wanting to take control of your time, talent, and identity. And for that reason, I invite you to join the Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy community, where 850+ corporate women, share your readiness to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

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In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Figuring out the impact you want to make

  • Finding fulfillment in your business choice

  • Monetizing your impact

Watch the whole video of this episode below

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