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S2 Ep 04 Race, Entrepreneurship and Fosterhood [w/ Kevin Hofmann]

Updated: Jun 29, 2020



Entrepreneurship takes many forms, and possess many characteristics, but when you get passion fueled by experience in the color of your skin and your parental origin, your "Why" resonates.

My guest on the show Kevin Hofmann, Author of Growing up Black in White, know, feels, and serves others with these same characteristics along his own entrepreneurial journey. By the time he turned 2 years old, Kevin Hofmann had survived an abortion, been given away by his mother, adopted by a family of another race, and woke up to a burning cross in his front yard.

Kevin was born in Detroit in August 1967 two weeks after the riots that changed that city forever. It was out of these amazing circumstances his life and purpose began. It is out of these experiences he tells his story; a story of struggle and joy, pain and passion, and most of all hope.

Kevin presently works with K-12 and universities in the area of inclusion. From such a unique world view Kevin works with schools to create a place where ALL kids can thrive.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The necessity of authenticity in life and business

  • What mixed-race children experience in fosterhood

  • The importance of pushing past limitations and roadblocks for a journey worth traveling


Instagram & Twitter: @kevinclusion

Watch the whole video of this episode in this link:



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