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Ep 189: Lori's Christmas Day message



My baby girl, a little me as like to say. Ok, I say that for all of my girls, I proudly make that statement. You heard her on our interview together on episode 5. Well, she's back, and from the depth of her heart, to provide a special message this Christmas day to keep us on our #biggerimpact path. Out of the mouth of babes, seriously, these children often have great wisdom, so take this an opportunity to ask your kiddo, what would they like to say this Christmas season?

In this episode, you learn about...

  • The things we ought to be thinking about this season from the lips of a 6-year-old :)


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Demaris Edmond
Demaris Edmond
Dec 25, 2019

That was so sweet , a beautiful message for this holiday season.

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