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Legendary & Elevated

 Coaching Program

Legendary Level Strategies | 1-1 Coaching | Unparalleled Support

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Legendary & Elevated

Dream life + business Coaching

We are 100% committed to seeing high achieving corporate women skyrocket to freedom of time, talent, identity and to build a business that capitalizes on all their untapped potential and greatness hidden behind the walls of a 9-to-5.

Note: We do not accept just anyone into Legendary & Elevated for more info and to apply, click below...

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Repackage You Academy

Online career elevation Course

UPDATE: This course includes top value discovery principles we teach in Legendary & Elevated

So if you're not quite ready for Legendary & Elevated, this is a good option to begin to get acquainted with your interests and the value you currently possess.

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Boundaryless GROWTH

Business & marketing Intensive

When you're up and running as an entrepreneur, sometimes your strategy can hit the wall, and you may feel stuck on the next move to bring more customers, systematize processes, etc. This half-day intensive allows you a deep dive into your business, with Candace's eyes on it to emerge with fresh ideas, a strategy and plan of attack.

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