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What can Financial Freedom do for you?

So I've started to dig into financial topics and I've done so because it really is important and it occurred to me as I'm making my journey and the move towards full-time entrepreneurship. One of the things that I haven't been talking about much is the role that finances play in the move and in the transition.

And it's different for everybody. But, I will tell you this, if you are on that journey, your journey to make a bigger impact, maybe you're doing your side hustle now, you want it to be the main hustle in the future and you see yourself being your own boss one day, listen up.

There are lots of different paths that you can take to get there, of course. But one path can be comfortable, one path can be less comfortable, one path could be sort of in the middle. It really just depends on where you are in your financial life.

If you think about my journey in particular, I talked in a podcast episode, about the hate relationship with debt that I have. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. There was a period in time where I had a lot of it and worked really hard to make it go away.

The first business that I had, I needed to invest in everything and whatever I needed, out cam the credit card, swipe and just debt debt debt debt. Now, fast forward to today and some of the learnings that I've got from other folks whose work I admire, like the Dave Ramseys of the World. I've now developed this hate relationship with debt.

So, for example, the idea of a personal credit card, don't carry it, don't love it, don't want it.

I don't care how many deals it could give me. Nope. No thank you. Cutting out of sight Anything that has payments attached to it, Nope. Prefer not, don't want to do it. Right.

So all that has translated in my life, as I've said, no, just want to do cash, just wanna do cash. It's the journey and the path that I pushed myself down. Now when you get to a point where just about all your debt is gone, and I'm close, you start to feel a hint of financial freedom. You start to feel the opportunity to have choices.

I know these choices and it really is the biggest thing they would say is choices and you know, if you're on that journey to push toward full-time entrepreneurship, it's very freeing. From the perspective of not even entrepreneurship, from the perspective of having a career and being passionate about the work that you do.

When you have the freedom and you have the choices, you can look and be in your 9-to-5 and say, “Hm, this really isn't for me. I'm just going to do something different.” Now you can say that regardless of whether or not you have financial freedom, right? That's just a matter of confidence and belief in your own self and your skills and that you can go and take a job elsewhere and be fine, and I've experienced that in my past without having the freedom piece, right? Will you say, “Hmm, this isn't for me. I've been working my hustle here. I know and I believe in what's possible. I'm already starting to see success. I could choose to be here in this 9-to-5 or I could choose to leave and do my own thing.”

You know, I could choose to stay here in the house I live or I could choose to do something else. I could choose to go and give my time with a mission in another organization for the next three months, then maybe come back to working. I could choose to go and live in El Salvador for the next two months. Then maybe come back and choose to resume life or resume what I'm doing.

Whatever it is. Having that freedom from a financial standpoint gives you all the options and choices in the world, right? Because you're not restricted. And I As a woman of faith I know, just what the Bible says about the borrower, being a slave to the lender. And that's something that I think about a lot and saying, “Hey, don't want to be a slave, want to be free, want to be able to make those choices.”

And so I'm just going to encourage you as you're pushing for a bigger impact. You want that to be your fulltime thing. Give some attention also to building up your financial freedom base as much as you give attention to making the sales and building the business.

Sometimes building the business will help you get to that freedom. And then sometimes for others, they can do the freedom because maybe you're in a position where you've gotten a lot of money rolling in, or you've stregically invested and handled money so your freedom is active There are lots of paths that you can take, but for sure, having that financial freedom will give you a base of options. And as an entrepreneur, it will feel fantastic.




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