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Choosing high-end pricing WITHOUT remorse


I often hear the desire to raise pricing from service-based entrepreneurs (coaches, consultants, agency owners, etc) who are ready to be done with corporate America and working in their business full-time.

The struggle is usually very real...but, just about every time, what accompanies the desire is…

But I want it to be affordable….


But I don’t want to drive people away


But my people, they usually by things at this price point

There’s a lot hiding in those statements so watch the video to see my response to these statements.

If you fall into this camp, you need to GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION, STOP STALLING and apply to work with us already!

⏱️ I’m hosting a private training on Monday, June 21st, but you have to apply for an invite! ⏱️

⏳ If YOU want to work with us on taking your side business full-time with ONE high-end service apply now⏳

You just need to apply at the link above to get your private invite.

On the private training we’ll be looking at this in detail - How to take your side business full-time by offering ONE high-end service.

If you want to get out or even make sure you don’t go back to corporate and your business isn’t on the fast track to get you there - apply now!

Join us live every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST on our Facebook Community: Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy.

You have to know you're not alone in wanting to take control of your time, talent, and identity. And for that reason, I invite you to join into the Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy community, where 1200+ corporate women, share your readiness to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

Are you a woman in corporate America ready to take ownership of her time and talent, but not yet a member of the E.S.B. (Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy) Facebook Community?

Join us and click the link below.

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