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The Importance of 1:1 Conversation


The importance of one-to-one conversations is being able to share your passion, right? Being able to hear your passion, right? Not only for the client's sake, but also the client. Being able to share their passion with you, whatever that may be, whether it's a consultant business that you're running, whether it's a business that they're wanting to start their own, whether it's like one of our clients care and she's doing transitioning coaching, you want to hear that passion in their voice, because that's going to let you know.

When things get hard when the words aren't flowing, when the characters aren't talking, or will you just feel like, you know what, I may not be too cut out for this, that passion is going to keep you going, so when you have that passion and you can hear that passion in their voice.

One-on-one conversation has really helped you transfer if you will, that energy and show that passion. And be able to bring, give that passion of voice.

Also believe the importance of having those one-on-one conversation kind of puts you in a level of expertise.

The one-on-one conversations just really shows and puts it into perspective for the client that you are willing to show up, that you are willing to answer their questions, that you are willing to go that extra mile for them.

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