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Owners mindset: "My time has a price tag...and it's not cheap"


Owners mindset: "My time has a price tag...and it's not cheap"

It's super important for you to understand as you're building along your entrepreneurial journey, that your time is a very important part at the beginning of your success.

When I say that it's it's about how you utilize it. So when you talk about your time and your time not being cheap, you start to weigh the decisions of all right, am I going to sit down and catch up on the episodes that I have missed for real Housewives of Atlanta for, you know, for the next 10 hours? Or do I need to be spending my time doing this revenue-generating activity because one hour spent over here could cost me $1,500, $3,000 whatever it is.

Well, when your mindset is, I own the creation of my income. I have to, I am the one who's going to ensure that the income comes in. Then you think about your time in terms of what revenue could be created for me right, for my family, for this, in this space of time. But you just start to understand that my time isn't free and that really is a mental attitude.

It is about freedom, right? And it's important that you have freedom on your journey. You're doing this, you're building your business so that you can have a life of freedom and a life of choice to do whatever you want to, whatever you want to.

Absolutely without doubt, but you have to understand and begin to set yourself up so that when you are spending your time, you're intentional with making sure that it's going to provide you a return, right. Or return while you're sleeping or return while you're on vacation, whatever that is, your time is valuable.

So you ladies are all on the path of building a business or trying to build a business or wanting to build a business. These are mindsets that you adopt when you really get serious, that ownership from creation of your income, right?

Of course, owning your time, your talent, all that, your ability to create income, utilizing all these things is going to rest on your realization that your time is critical and how you use it is critical and that you could be missing opportunities. So think about that opportunity costs. If you're not using it properly.

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