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Myths of Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "It'll be hard to replace my paycheck"


Myths of Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "It'll be hard to replace my paycheck"

For those of you that are coming from jobs or careers that are high paying, this is the attitude of "Oh, I don't know. It's going to be hard to replace my paycheck."

So this is what I want you to think about. Right now, today, the entire world, everything in your experience is some type of exchange of commerce in some way there's buying and selling everywhere. The first place we're going to start, must think about your 9-5, think about your job.

Your job sells something to some customer. Now, think about you in relation to your company, you work for, right? Your nine to five, you, in essence, sell your service, your wisdom, your whatever you do to your company now. Not in the same way as having your own business, right?

Not in the wonderful tax advantage and completely owning what you do way, but in a very theoretical way, you sell your ability to do what you do to your business. Now I want you to think about the things around you, all of it really is just a series of various purchase decisions.

Everything is a series of purchase decisions. So the reason that I'm going through this and I'm focusing heavily here is because oftentimes that thought process around it being hard for us to replace the paycheck is nothing more than this sort of mental attitude that I don't necessarily have enough of the credibility.

You've got to make sure that your mental game is prepared and that it's prepped, understanding that this world is nothing more than buying and selling. Why wouldn't you have a piece of the pie that would be able to not only equate but exceed what you do today, right? There are limiting thoughts in that.

When I think about being able to replace a paycheck first off, I want you to shift a little bit on a couple of fronts. So first off and I made the mistake of almost like when I take my leave, I better be prepared to not make what I make at my job.

And by the way, when I say that there is nothing wrong and you should absolutely have your preparedness, we talk in the accelerator all the time about knowing your survivor number, knowing your thrive number. But I want you to hear me from a mental standpoint because this is so important. If your mindset is in a place already of the defeat of "I know I'm not gonna, no, I'm not gonna make what I make."

So know that the second thing that I want you to think about is there are three components, right? I want you to understand what is your right thing. And when I say the right thing, I'm going to say, indifferent to your business model.

What is the right thing for you? What is that right result that it's going to get for somebody else? And what is that right price point? That's going to allow you to put to bed because you can do the math and it feels doable and it feels feasible on the new income wave. When I left corporate, my intention wasn't to replace my paycheck. No, where you're moving into entrepreneurship.

When you're jumping into entrepreneurship, your growth goals become okay, how do I grow by 50% next year? How do I increase the game? Increase the game. You don't get into entrepreneurship to play small.

You just have to get your right thing, result, and right pricing so that you begin to do it and set yourself up to do with this.

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