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Ep 123: Need courage? Tap into your 8 Year Old Mind



About this Episode:

Being an adult is tough on our minds. Now I see it that way because we've experienced so much. And some of what we've experienced has been traumatic. For instance, we've faced rejection, heartbreak, joy, sorrow. And all these things that we've faced have been connected to some action we've taken, or have been a part.

With our mind having experienced these things, we're cautious, or perhaps pre-programmed. Cautions about what may happen if a certain action is taken, or we project what response might be to something we do. Our younger selves don't have that history of experiences to lean one way or the other, there's more freedom to just let an experience happen without any preconceptions.

My daughter Nilah, a curious 8-year-old came to me asking to use my old MacBook that's been stored in my closet for a while. "Mom, can I see if I can type something on your old computer?" "No, Nilah" was my response. "It's not going to work the way you think." "But mom, I can try," she said.

Her adventurous spirit to make it work, regardless of the fact that it's been stored and having issues, was proof that her wanting to try was disconnected from the fact that the probability of it working successfully was low.

The courage to take action is partly a factor of letting go of any limiting factors and allowing freedom and an "anything is possible" attitude to take over.


In this episode, you'll learn...

  • How to tap into your 8-year-old self

  • How to know when your courage is lacking

  • How to grow more courage every day



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