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Thank You For Scheduling Your Strategy Session!

We look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled appointment time! Please be in a quiet spot where we can speak about your struggles and goals. 


We will not take calls where you're on the go or can't devote your full attention. This is important, please treat it that way.


If you feel we're a good fit and we can help you, please be ready to come on board. We will answer any and all questions you may have.

Step #2 - Here's what to expect next...

First - We've received your booking and your application and are reviewing it now. We'll call you at the EXACT time you booked for...

Second - Make sure you've set aside time to watch the videos below and also are in a quiet room with NO distractions at the time of your call (with something to take notes with close by).

IMG_3391 (1).jpg

Step #3 - Please watch these videos before our call...

Watch Video #1:

"Have you worked with anyone like me before?"

Watch Video #2:

"Have you already spent money on a course or coach?

Watch Video #3:

"Not willing to invest until you know it's a fit?"

Watch Video #4:

"Stop paying for the wrong coaches"

Watch Video #5:

"Do you value time or money more?"

Watch Video #6:

"Do you have a resignation date on the calendar?"

Watch Video #7:

"If a coaching program doesn't have some 1x1 aspect, they don't care about you."

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