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What our clients are creating as high-end service offerings


Our clients are across industries, everything from more discretionary luxury services like personal shopping and interior design to must-haves like business coaching and childhood educational services.

So do you have something that you can and probably SHOULD create as a high-end service?

Yep...probably so.

Especially if like our clients...the path you’re paving is to work for yourself full-time and never enter corporate America as an employee ever again.

We’ll take a peek at the high-end services that they're creating in this video to spark some inspiration.

➡️➡️➡️ If watching this sparks inspiration OR the realization that your this is how resignation day becomes real AND you want to be supported as our next client...

⏱️ I’m hosting a private training on Monday, June 21st, but you have to apply for an invite! ⏱️

⏳ If YOU want to work with us on taking your side business full-time with ONE high-end service apply now⏳

You just need to apply at the link above to get your private invite.

I’ll be sharing a lot more details on the private call...I look forward to seeing your application!

Join us live every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST on our Facebook Community: Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy.

You have to know you're not alone in wanting to take control of your time, talent, and identity. And for that reason, I invite you to join into the Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy community, where 1200+ corporate women, share your readiness to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

Are you a woman in corporate America ready to take ownership of her time and talent, but not yet a member of the E.S.B. (Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy) Facebook Community?

Join us and click the link below.

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