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Three things to do DAILY before going to the day job

Okay, the alarm goes off and lately I have wanted to hit the snooze button more often than not, but here's the reality, I know that I have to get up. I need to go into my 9-to-5, but before I do, there are some things that I like to make sure I cross off my list to get my day started right.

Now, the first thing, and I think this is really critical. In fact, I was talking to Darick, my husband about it a little earlier today; My mindset and the evolution that I've been on really in the last six to seven months. I mean big time evolution, everything from releasing scarcity and embracing an abundant mindset. Even realizing that there was such a thing. All that has been an evolutionary journey.

Being a woman of faith, one of the things I like to do when I wake up is read a scripture, and show gratitude to God. Start with an attitude of gratefulness and an attitude of abundance. Being excited for what's to come today is the abundance piece and thankful for the place that I am in right now is the gratefulness.

Knowing that there is more to come and getting my mindset right for that. As I'm getting dressed and before I walk out the door, I even think about and say my daily affirmations.

So what are the three things we should do...before we go work in other people's businesses...

1. Tune your mindset

Everything from gratefulness, from reading scripture to the affirmations, all those I lumped in together with a mindset adjustment before I get ready to walk out the door.

2. Plan the day/review the week

Look back and decide, "what's gonna happen in the week?" There are always an endless number of things to do for and in your business. And if you're really excited about what you do, you'll always want to do and dabble with what comes to you plus more. I know I do, and that causes anxiety for me. So the way I lessen that is by writing things down and deciding, “Okay, on Monday I need to make sure that at least I get this thing done and I would like to tackle this thing also.” 

Look at the one thing you want to accomplish in the day. If it's not written down, write it down, 'cause that will allow you to stay focused on your goal. A lot will come at you in the day, right? I'm sure you'll encounter plenty during the day job. And if you have a family, when you get home, if not sooner, a lot will come at you. But with the written plan, it will allow you to focus in and say, “I need to make sure at least this thing is accomplished.”

3. 30 minutes biz only time

Now the third thing is I recommend that you have at least 30 minutes of time to give to your business. So if that means waking up just a tad bit earlier, I would go for it. The reason I recommend finding at least 30 minutes in the morning, even if you aren't a morning person, is it allows you to get in the frame of mind that "one day this side hustle will be the main hustle." And it gets you into the frame of "I am a business owner, I am an entrepreneur and this is my grounding. When I go to my day job that supports my business."

It just helps you reframe a bit as opposed to just running off to the day job and then allowing the business stuff to be secondary. It just mentally allows you to give a little bit of a flip.

So if you can find at least 30 minutes, fantastic. And with that 30 minutes do something maybe towards that one thing that you decided you need to get done in step two, but at least you start with a focus and giving attention to something that is a priority for you and you give that significance in the act of actually applying brainpower and thought towards it.

So those are the three things I would recommend. Get your mindset in check, decide that one thing that needs to be accomplished and then three, find at least 30 minutes before you head off to the day job.

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