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Ep 187: She knows...What you FOCUS on you find



I've found a passion twin in my guest today:

The ability to find your BOLD…

To admit that you want more…

To dig DEEP to figure out how to do it…

To quiet any inner voice that says “you can’t“…

To remember your value and show up with confidence and influence…

These are the things, my guest Kim Wojnowich passionately cultivates in the lives of her clients!

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The ups and downs of being a mommy and running a business

  • How our focus and conversation impacts our success

  • Changing our language to be authentic but not pessimistic

Kim is a personal growth coach and owner of Live Boldly Coaching. Her lifelong career in health and wellness, coaching certification, Master’s Degree in Health Education, and in her own personal experiences, uniquely qualifies and positions her to help others find their BOLD and truly realize a level of potential, happiness, and peace of mind we all desire!




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