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Service business ideas: What ladies in the Finding Freedom Business Accelerator are creating


Service business ideas: What ladies in the Finding Freedom Business Accelerator are creating

We're talking about is just different service-based business ideas. And of course, what better model to use than the awesomely amazing ladies that are a part of the "Finding Freedom Accelerator". Let me introduce these amazing women because these women are coaches inside of the finding freedom accelerator.

Chastity snow. Chasity is a success coach inside the accelerator and an amazing entrepreneur. Hey, y'all I'm Chasity. I'm a success coach inside Finding Freedom. On top of that, I've gone through finding freedom. So I have I guess a little extra sprinkle of insight as to what the program looks like and how impactful and life-changing it is for me..

Colleen, another success coach inside of the accelerator and an amazing entrepreneur. I'm super excited to be part of this world and to help all you ladies and I too stepped away from corporate and made that leap. And it was the best thing I ever did. So I'm really excited to jump in and help all of you, follow your dreams too.

Okay. Last but not least Ms. Ana Reyes. Ana is the mindset coach inside of the accelerator. My name is Ana Reyes and I'm a mindset coach. I call myself a self-mastery coach because that's what we're doing. Self mastering, the mind, emotional intelligence, and then how we can create an activity so we can become more of the person that we want to become, right? I'm just so glad that, to work aside Candace and Chasity and Colleen, because I'm learning so much, as I help other people, I'm also growing and learning so much. So I'm just excited to be here and I'm ready to get everybody's mind nice and clear so they can build and create what it is that they want.

As you're thinking about your businesses and the lady's ever heard me say this so many times and the accelerator, they probably can write it in their seat or you not to take action on this impactful business idea. And so for you to not go forward on some of those ideas, Can be very selfish. When you think about that for yourself, that should make you say, okay, what do I need to do to get this out into the world. Somebody needs me.

If there wasn't something like finding freedom to take somebody's unique idea or idea that they don't really think is profitable or that they can make living and, or, I really not seeing anybody doing it.

You give that. Okay. So what, create that space. Start that space or get into the space and thrive without finding freedom. Some of those ideas just may stay that an idea or a wish, a hope.

There is a reality that there is a good chunk of you who have a desire for entrepreneurship, the desire is strong. But your action-taking and your decision-making will keep you where you are and that just is the reality, right? I want this, but procrastination, delay time, life. And then you look back and it just sorta is what it is. So I'm always proud to see the ladies that do take their step and whether it's finding freedom or it's something else, it doesn't matter. Finding freedom is not the only program that can help you and taking your step forward.

Seeing you move forward in anything is amazing. That's all that matters that you move. And you get the guidance and direction that shortcuts.

You taking action is the only way anything happens. You have to take action to step forward. It can't just be thoughts in your head or, things, just things that you say. So it was important for you to get aligned and move.

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