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S3 Ep 14 The JOY of Serial Entrepreneurship [w/ Daniela Felleti]

Updated: Apr 13, 2021


Diversity matters?

Silly question. Of course, it does.

Diversity in many respects, race, origin, gender you name it, but also... "businesses"

Think about the entrepreneurs that like raising businesses and playing with diverse business models...guilty :)

Well, we're talking about all of that on this episode with Daniela Felleti, founder of Daniela Felleti Talents connection.

Her mission is to bring innovation to the recruitment industry through a different approach and awareness to Diversity & Inclusion matters.

​Fluent in 5 languages Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and French, she acquired a strong experience in HR, Research, Career Coaching, and Head Hunting, Recruitment with a focus on Diversity & Inclusion in different countries. Over time, she created an extensive and high qualitative network which allowed her to operate a business that provides a connection for other companies seeking to recruit in a global context.

Daniela is also the Founder & Leader of Lean In Bordeaux, a French and International women's network based in Bordeaux involving women from different industries, ages, nations, mothers, students, entrepreneurs... and men interested in understanding and help women break the barriers in the business world created by the bias, social conditions and find the equality and balance between both sides.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Evolving your business and getting aligned with your purpose

  • Finding passion in Diversity & Inclusion (DNI)

  • Pushing out fear while transitioning to be a full-time entrepreneur


Watch the whole video of this episode below


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