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S3 Ep 10 Wearing MANY-HATS with GRACE and NO CAPE


Do you not have ENOUGH time OR do you have an ABUNDANCE of time and you just haven't decided what was important?

Yes, it sometimes feels like I wear a lot of hats, but it's really less about the hat-wearing and more about what's happening when that hat is on.

Which side of the coin are you on. It's easy for us ambitious women to feel like the world is on fire, not realizing that we're fueling the fire by not making intentional choices.

You have to know you're not alone in wanting to take control of your time, talent, and identity. And for that reason, I invite you to join the Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom, and Build Legacy community, where 850+ corporate women, share your readiness to unleash their entrepreneurial potential.

Join this free community at

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Shifting between roles

  • Being intentional on how you're spending time

  • Hacks to efficiently shift between roles

Watch the whole video of this episode below

Take note of the 5 points that'll help you in your transition to really lean into your business, while still keeping the nosy at bay.

I give you this gift of an audit to help you be smart and be bold on your journey right now!

Click on the photo below to download your free copy!


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