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S3 Ep 09 Worry less about being found out more about your business vision


The same you that brings "VALUE" to a work project is the same you that brings "VALUE" to your business.

Working in corporate, it's easy to allow your identity to be wrapped up in your job title.

Ask yourself right now, if you know your path is entrepreneurship, "does something as simple as the title on my LinkedIn page, reflect the value I bring, or the title I've been given."

A big part of your transition to entrepreneurship will be stepping into your true identity, and guess what? That starts now. Not when you've put in your notice.

You want to leverage your time and let it be of service to you.

Maximize your time and your brilliance.

Your business will thrive on your ability to reach people who need what you have to offer, so while you're in transition and don't want everyone to know about your exit plans, it's also not the time to shy away from your marketing.

So how to successfully lay low, and be a BOLD entrepreneur is what we'll tackle in this episode.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Laying low at work on the journey

  • Being smart and bold as an entrepreneur

  • What you can do to bring value in your business and work as you transition

Watch the whole video of this episode below

Take note of the 5 points that'll help you in your transition to really lean into your business, while still keeping the nosy at bay.

I give you this gift of an audit to help you be smart and be bold on your journey right now!

Click on the photo below to download your free copy!


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