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S2 Ep 20 Pouring Heart & Soul into Social Entrepreneurship [w/ Annie Boyd-Ramirez]


You MATTER. Believe matter. And this isn’t a pep talk. It’s reality.

There’s a reason the flight crew instructs you to put on your mask before helping anyone else.

If we don’t address our own state of being and need, it's hard to be of service to others consistently. And when you pour your heart and soul into an entrepreneurial baby, you have to have a way to replenish yourself so you can continue to nurture further.

My guest on the Ambition, Honey & Hustle podcast, Annie Boyd-Ramirez, Co-founder and executive director of Programa Velasco talked about that very thing.

And for this season finale, what a special treat, this fellow entrepreneur also happens to be my college roommate!!!

Program Velasco (PV) was co-founded 12 years ago by Juan Velasco and Annie Boyd-Ramirez. Since 2014, Programa Velasco’s core service has been its Women’s Empowerment Project (WEP), which trains entrepreneurs to achieve more financial independence and increase gender equality in their families in El Salvador.

They implement this project with entrepreneurs in San Ramon, and, since 2019, with a rural community called La Javía in Tepecoyo.

Annie’s first and foremost responsibility is to ensure that PV carries out its mission, “Educate and empower children and women entrepreneurs in El Salvador to build strong families and create better futures.” Annie works to do this by overseeing program quality and development, fostering financial sustainability, and implementing our strategic plan.

In this episode, we’ll talk about…

  • Following your feelings and what draws you in

  • Investing in self care and self awareness

  • How building a community can support your business in the long run


Watch the whole video of this episode in this link:


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