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S2 Ep 16 Falling into Entrepreneurship and Growing to LOVE Independence [w/ Colleen Falk]

Updated: Sep 27, 2020


If I told you your mindest was the single most determining factor in your success as an entrepreneur...would you believe me? If the answer is no, you have work to do, and a very large mountain to climb.

MINDSET IS EVERYTHING. And while it's the one we easily brush off in favor of pretty websites, must have lead magnets, "perfectly" priced offerings, and a hustle of a day prospecting. It is your best friend or your worst enemy, believe me from entrepreneurial experience on both sides of the coin.

My dear friend, Colleen Falk, entrepreneur, educator and consultant knows all about it, and we're digging in on that very thing.

She has been an Entrepreneur, Educator and an Organizational Consultant for over 30 years. Her philosophy of being a change agent whether you are an Entrepreneur, Student, Organization or Friend has been her driving force throughout her life.

Living in Bemidji MN with her husband of 39 years and her 2 beautiful daughters who have given her 7 grandchildren and 2 awesome son-in-law’s, has fueled her fire!

Her toolbox brings her expertise in processes that help communicate and develop a plan for change, helping people and organizations succeed.Understanding the challenges people need to face, preparing properly for the change and carrying the crucial implementation phase through to a successful conclusion are critical goals.

In this episode, we’ll talk about…

  • How a team can help you in your business

  • Being persistent and holding on in tough times

  • Discovering and trusting yourself


Watch the whole video of this episode in this link:


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