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S2 Ep 09 What looks like defeat might be opportunity [w/ Ana Reyes]



Let's be real, at one point or another you've probably looked at a situation you were facing and felt low. Felt like you had lost a battle before you could even begin to fight. We've all been there at some point. But what if that moment we recall, was our last...ever. And last, because we understood that the experience of the situation is all about perspective: "Was it defeat in that moment or was it an opportunity for gigantic growth?"

My guest on the show is a fiery woman that knows about adjusting perspective. Her name...Ana Kevelin Reyes.

Ana is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, an influential speaker, New Thought Leader, Self-Mastery Coach and a mother who shares her own life experiences to empower and encourage others to take control of their situations, and breakthrough challenges that at one time seemed insurmountable.

Ana moved to Brooklyn from The Dominican Republic at age 9. Her youth, adolescence, and young adult years were plagued by the learning curves of a new culture, the complication and pain of mistakes, and a divorce. She decided to turn her life around at the age of 31 and hasn’t looked back. Now, she shares her wisdom, triumphs, challenges, and failures to help others overcome their circumstances to live free, happy, healthy, successful lives.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Quarantine's effect on our focus

  • Nurturing and growing belief

  • Having courage for change


Facebook: Ana Kevelin Reyes Linkedin: Ana Kevelin Reyes

Instagram: @anakevelinreyes

Youtube: Ana Kevelin Reyes

Watch the whole video of this episode in this link:


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