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S2 Ep 08 Buying a Franchise to Buy Freedom [w/ Meg Schmitz]

Updated: Jul 19, 2020



"Get out of the way comfort zone!" Picture yourself kicking your comfort, your warm cocoon, your "safety net" out of your way. Now if in your mind, you can't quite physicalize that comfort item, well, here's one that I know I held onto for a while...a job in Corporate America. I held onto it with the belief that it was the safe, normal, privileged and expected choice.

While it's a great choice for some, for other's it's nothing more than a tolerable and comfortable choice. My guest on the show today, Meg Schmitz, Franchise Guru or self-proclaimed cross between an executive recruiter, wealth manager and therapist is a champion for leaping out of the comfort nest.

Thirty years ago, Meg owned a Great Clips franchise in the Greater Chicago area. She then grew that to two, three, and ultimately five locations in eleven years.

Her reputation for success grew as her Great Clips achieved steady growth with low turnover. She received a fantastic offer for her five-unit business, which she accepted. She then walked away with generous compensation, armed with almost two decades of lessons learned in her journey of franchise ownership.

As her professional network grew with board memberships at noteworthy organizations, her next steps were clear.

As a franchise consultant, she really found her groove, which led her to her passion: helping others achieve professional success and personal freedom. She wanted to share her experience successfully living an abundant life on her own terms with others.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Getting liberated from Corporate America

  • Franchise ownership as a recipe for success

  • Adopting an abundance mentality



Watch the whole video of this episode in this link:


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