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S2 Ep 07 A Billionaire's Executive Chef turned Full-time Mompreneur [w/ Camille Joy]



I can't say it enough when you're called to do more, either you listen and act or you turn a deaf ear. Now imagine that you have come through a rollercoaster of life experiences and came out victoriously on the other side. And oh not to mention, you know there are millions of people, women in particular who could be victorious if they knew how you came through your transformation. Would you feel the obligation to serve and show up in a bigger way?

Camille Joy, mompreneur and podcaster, is a voice of hope to the brokenhearted mommy. She comes to shine a ray of light into dark places through simply spreading the love of Jesus and the Joy of the Lord. She desires to be hope for broken mothers And you feel every piece of this through her podcast, Moments of Joy.

She has dedicated herself to helping women to live, fight, and persevere through difficult times. Supporting them with strategic prayer and physical support. Camille has overcome what was meant to kill and permanently derail her life at an early age and stands today as an accomplished woman pushing on her full-time entrepreneur journey in her calling. ​

She truly believes that if you can dream it, you can achieve it. Your past does not define your future.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Taking the leap to building your own empire

  • How "validation" can play a powerful role

  • Finding balance as an entrepreneur and a mom


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