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Owners mindset: "When I touch money, I make more if it"


Candace Spears: We're going to be talking about tonight is the owner's mindset. And this whole idea of when I touch money, I expect to make more of it, which is a super-strong, super bold, just mindset and attitude altogether. When I touch money, I expect to make more of it.

And when I'm talking about an owner's mindset throughout this series, I'm talking about that whole sense of owning your time, your talent, your identity. And you look at those things as within your control and something that you are going to do something about. And so ownership today as it relates to money.

Think of it as the one who owns the creation of their income, what you're trying to do as you're trying to get your business off the ground. Right. And be able to walk away from corporate, you want to be able to have full ownership of the money that comes into your life. Okay. So that's what we mean there.

So at a certain point, you start to get to a level where the things that you look at and where you think about when you think about touching your money and putting it out into the world, you think about, well, how can I get that back?

Fivefold, tenfold, four-fold whatever you start to think about the return. So when you touch money, right, you make more of it because you're constantly thinking about how can I put that to work, right.

You're going to know what's going on with it. You're going to want to see it successful. You're going to want to make sure you can take care of it, right? And so when you think about your relationship with money, I just want you to give me a gauge of where you think you are. Just hearing all that with your relationship with money. Would you say it's great or it's good or maybe it sucks?

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