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Owners mindset: "I go farther with a team than solo"


Owners mindset: "I go farther with a team than solo"

I'm going to talk about that ownership from the standpoint of time, talent and income.

When we talk about time, I think everybody knows we do only get 24 hours, right. Everybody's got the same 24 hours. So the only way you're going to be able to really get more of that, of course, if you simplify things and automate things, that's one way to create time.

You get time by leveraging other humans. So when we talk about that, going farther with a team than solo, that's one of the ways we can gain time, utilize teammates and other humans.

Talent is super, super, super important. And when we talk about going farther In our business. One of the key things that will be important is do we have the right talent and the right talent that is capable of doing the things that we need to do. When you can bring in that right level of talent, you begin to be able to go farther. I can go farther with a team capable talent than just me and me alone. And obviously that builds on the time concept.

Now, this last one is going to be income. Income. Everybody loves talking about income. I love talking about income. Now, when we talk about income with more time, right? When you can create more time for yourself, generally, if I've got more time and I've got the right talent in place, I can create more income.

When you're leaving corporate, you don't necessarily want to create another job for yourself. You'd like to be able to create a business. And that comes with the growth of a team as opposed to taking a fully solo path.

So here's my advice on that. When it comes to starting to bring in people, you need to bring in a team to help give you the space, even in your everyday life so that you can work on your business. So go to If you want to grab that, that free video guide.

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