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Owners mindset: "Consistency and commitment are non-negotiable"


Owners mindset: "Consistency and commitment are non-negotiable"

So let's get into consistency to start. Here's the thing, when it comes to owning the creation of your income and you talking about being a full-time entrepreneur. It's so important that you recognize that in this entrepreneurship journey, your consistency will help you get to the next level.

But when you're first starting out, sometimes we just generally give up too early. We start out with this just sort of passion and yes. Okay. I'm going to do this and I'm going to make this happen and I can see my dream coming forward. And so I'm going to start doing these things every day. And then about four weeks, six weeks later, eight weeks later, you can't be found right?

Well, when you talk about truly being an owner and owning that talent, you recognize that. In your doing, there's going to be learning. There's going to be many failures and you need those in order for you to set the course and the direction for what's next.

I got to keep going. I have to do this. That attitude of consistency is what allows you to be in that place of feeling and full control and being in full control of your time, your talent, and your identity.

Now let's move on to commitment. So I like to say that Those who really, really, really move forward are the ones that keep going when other people quit. This is what it is and consistency and commitment.

But when you think about commitment, when you think about you being this full-time entrepreneur, and I'm the life of freedom. One of the things that happens on this journey sometimes is we neglect to anchor ourselves into what will keep us committed.

I say that to you too, as you're thinking about the business that you're either building right now, and I'm going to challenge you on this. If you think about the bill, the business that you were building right now, or that you hope to one day build, ask yourself, what is the impact that I am creating through this business?

Is this an impact that lights me up that I don't care when days are up or down, because that's the reality of entrepreneurship, right?

Consistency, commitment, make it all happen.

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