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Myths of Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "Health Insurance is so expensive"


Myths of Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "Health Insurance is so expensive"

The entire month of March, the theme is all about just myths around full-time entrepreneurship. The stories that we are telling ourselves, the ones that aren't serving us really well. So this first one, Has to do with health insurance and health insurance being expensive.

I'll tell you that is a thought process. That is very real. And when I think about my own transition and one of the things I would lose sleep about, especially because all of the benefits came through me, my job, all of them, health insurance, all that stuff flown in through me.

And because my desire for freedom and my desire to be independent and on my own and have control because all of that was stronger than any of the myths I heard.

I did what I do best. I went into research mode. I just need to get my arms around what is possible. I need to get in control. And I'll tell you about something that I found. Actually, I was listening to a podcast of another entrepreneur and she mentioned it and I'm like what is this?

Let me get my pen and paper. And what it was a HEALTH SHARE. And this literally, I will tell you when I learned about this and I went again, looking there, there are different options for different ones. And I began digging and doing the research. I literally began to sleep better at night. Cause I knew what was going to happen.

So a health share, and there were a number of companies. It's got some strong roots in Christian beliefs. So there's like a United health sharing ministry, which is the one that we are a part of. There is Christian health share ministries, there's Liberty health share.

And what they are is, it's a different type of way to cover healthcare expenses. So what is not traditional insurance, but it works in a similar fashion.

So there are millions of people who use it, but what it really is this a shift in a mindset. So as opposed to having this, insurance, that just you pay into a payment into pay into it and it just, pays out whenever this thing happens, a similar thing happens on a healthcare client, except it's a collective body of people.

So you have a similar thing where you've got like a premium every month, then. You have a certain deductible that you need, but then at a certain point the collective begins to pay, those medical bills, right? You still may have a copay, things like that, but the pricing on it is drastically different.

As you're thinking about making your transition, you also want to start thinking a little bit differently. You put yourself in more of a place of abundance as opposed to Oh, but what if I don't make this money, instead? Okay. A different way to start thinking. You are in control and you have the ownership. And so you can either look at that as a scary thing and then something to, run away from and feel like you have to get prepared for forever or you can look at it as something that you get to embrace.

So you've got to grab ownership of these things, but you have to have real numbers and you can't just let myths float around in your head and stories go back. Okay.

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