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How to start a business in 24 hours


How to start a business in 24 hours

So we're going to talk about how to start a business in 24 hours. I love speed. Those of you that have been on a conversation with me, maybe in a strategy session, you will always hear me talking about how speed will help keep you out of procrastination, overthinking and everything else.

I've broken this out into four steps.

So this first step, you need to do is get into alignment. You can think of this in terms of your purpose. Your passion, the things that excite you, whatever it is, but to be rooted in doing something that's aligned with the impact that you want to make in the world. That is how we ensure that you have the fulfillment that you want.

Let's go into that next step. So once you have your excitement or your impact, your next step is saying, all right. So if I look at this impact, How do I discover within this impact that there is a problem that I can help somebody solve? You have to be able to connect your impact to a problem that needs to be solved in the world. So when you can figure those two things out, you now start to see that. Okay. All right. I can build a business that's aligned with me at my core and the impact I want to make.

Now step three, and these are fairly straightforward. So once you have the problem that you can solve it, but solve it with a service. The reason I say solve it with a service is because if you want to start a business in 24 hours, you can be as resourceful as possible, but your best resource is going to be you. If I want to start in 24 hours, I know my impact. I figured out a problem I could solve and then the case of them. If you want to get started quickly, your fastest path is to rely on what's completely in your control. And that is you and you with the service.

So the last step, and this is simple, because we're talking about starting a business within 24 hours. Okay. Now this last step is you need to get some people in the door, right? You need to get some clients and there are lots of different ways to get clients. Now we're talking about you getting clients or getting up and running in the next 24 hours.

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