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How to decide WHAT to launch


Although it's December, November's theme in my E.S.B Facebook community was all about launching your business during a pandemic. Now that assumes you know what you want to launch, but what if you don't?

What if you're literally clueless?

Well since your business starts with having something to sell, we have one last session in the series where we'll be talking about how to decide what to launch, LIVE in the community.

If you're an ambitious, "I know I"m rockin' it" woman working in corporate, read to unleash your brilliance for greater impact and freedom and you haven't yet joined us, then definitely get signed up, we're waiting for you to step up and step in :)

Watch us live every Thursday at 6:00 pm CST on our Facebook Community: Escape Corporate, Snatch Freedom and Build Legacy.

Join us and click the link below.

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