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Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "It's risky to start my own thing"

Updated: Apr 3, 2021


Myths of Full-Time Entrepreneurship: "It's risky to start my own thing"

We're going to talk about that statement. " It's risky to start my own thing."

To start my own thing, to do my own thing, to go out on my own, and to leave the security of a paycheck. I recall I had this thought process in my head that was "why would you leave the comfort of a good job to go and do your own thing?" But here's something that I really had to think about and adjust. When you think about the question "what are the things that I can control?"

When I sat down and started thinking about what I can control, my energy, you know what I bring to my work, the level of excellence that I bring to my work. Then when I started thinking about the things that weren't in my control that maybe I thought was in my control, just mentally. I can choose to be at the job.

That's an important thing in your control, but the things that weren't in my control were actually fairly risky. So what's not in my control is what they pay me. We haven't negotiated or, you can go shoot a promotion and all this stuff, but at the end of the day, not in my control, whether or not my role still existed right. Maybe it wouldn't be the same next month or in the next six months or in the next year.

When I started thinking about those things, those are some pretty intense things to not be in my control. At this point in time, my job can go away, my income can go away. So when we think about that the less control I have, the riskier it is.

Being at the mercy of someone's control and your paycheck, your time, your role, the work you do, all the stuff that sounds a whole lot riskier, than having your own thing and having the control. When you talk about that myth, it's risky to start my own thing. Let it go. Because it's not the truth. So here's what I want you to do from a homework perspective.

I want you to go ahead, make it tangible. Draw a line. Right down the middle of the page. Make your left column your day job, your right column as your business. And at the top go ahead and write down for yourself. So what do you control at your job today and what do you control in your business?

And the reason I want to have you write it down again, I tell you all this connection. We are rewiring things. It's so important that you can physicalize it, right? If you can't instantly grasp onto and say, Oh, okay, I get it well, and here's a way to make it real for yourself. So that's what I want you to do so that you can let go of that myth so that it doesn't keep you from taking the action that allows you to be more in control than not.

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