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Ep 300: The 300 day hustle for life change (Season Finale)



The 300th episode has arrived. Oh my gosh, I'm so weak. Static. It has been 300 consecutive days with my voice on this podcast and bringing you what I hope was immense value the entire way, you know, this, uh, this starting this podcast, ambition, honey and hustle, um, was a journey for me. And I knew that towards the end of this journey, what I was after was the same thing I was encouraging others to go after. And that's taken control of the, that, the control of their time and their talent and their identity. And I have finally made it to that place. I'm ecstatic and I, and I'm ecstatic for you to just listen in to this episode. So we've recorded this episode on live, we being myself and my husband. So for my 300th episode, I thought it would be so fitting that the person who has been with me and seen every step of the journey when I wanted to give up, when I needed audio help, all of that stuff to have him be the person that interviewed me for this last episode. So I hope you enjoy it. We will get into it. Of course.



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