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Ep 292: The business of ARTIST'S HUSTLE



The career of a musician can have plenty of twists and turns. At the top of the list...getting paid fairly in the business. We're talking about owning your talent as an artist and the role society plays in supporting that ownership with one entrepreneur, Allison Schweitzer who has built a business around doing that very thing.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The fact and fiction of making a living as a music artist

  • Mixing passion with business and social good

  • Top must do's to show full support for any artist

  • The one thing every entrepreneur is likely to encounter regardless of their business industry

In 2019 Allison founded Wisconsin Music Ventures – a new performance and education-based event series with a focus on outdoor and/or unusual event sites; putting great Wisconsin musicians in great Wisconsin places. Allison has a strong background in both conducting and performing as a church musician, particularly in the field of handbells. In 2019 she began her role as Director of Handbells at Wauwatosa Presbyterian Church (where she leads both a church and community ensemble), and also joined the Milwaukee Handbell Ensemble as a musician. In 2020 she started the organization Tosa Community Bells. Alongside these positions, she has been Editor of In Tempo: A Practical Resource for Lutheran Church Musicians – a publication of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians professional organization, since 2017. Allison is a mega-fan of 88.9 Radio Milwaukee, for the radio station’s brilliant playlist, focus on MKE music and supporting of all things local. She is a part of the 88.9 Radio Milwaukee Education Programming Advisory Task Force.






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