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Ep 276: INNOVATION in CRISIS: Quotes of inspiration to #ditchthebox



We are talking about sparks of inspiration for innovation today, and we're doing it through quotes. I love quotes. I love quotes because they are words that we can carry with us, that are digestible, that make us reflect, that make us think and above all make us take action. And in the case of the ones that we'll talk about today, not only can they spark us to action, but they can spark, they can spark us to really loosen our own shackles on our creativity and really go forward. And especially in this time that we are in with COVID19.

In this episode we'll talk about...

  • Quotes to spark your innovation

  • Creativity's ability to be sparked by the actions of others

  • Steve job's innovation inspiration that will be everything you need to know that anything is possible





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