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Ep 264: Making partnerships work in BUSINESS and LOVE

Updated: Mar 30, 2020



The business has it's own level of complication at times. Now, take business and layer on the complexities of love...things can get interesting. We'll talk about the intertwining of love and business and what it looks like to make the ventures together successful with my guests on the Ambition, Honey, & Hustle podcast, social entrepreneurs John and Orianna Sells.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • How to balance running a venture together with giving the rest of life focus

  • How you can make your time work for you

  • The importance of understanding and leaning on "personalities" to be successful

  • The top pieces of advice to follow before going into business with a significant other

The two are known as 4KNWN (Pronounces "foreknown"). 4KNWN. is a Christian Hip Hop duo, based in Charleston, South Carolina. A married couple with a passion to transform the culture, they approach a callous and cold world with the warmth of the Gospel, the truth that God knew us and mapped out plans for us before we even existed—we are all foreknown. 4KNWN takes inspiration from artists like Sho Baraka and KB, fusing moody, bass-laden instrumentals with intriguing rhymes and melodies. 4KNWN. also has a podcast, “Married. Cultured. Known.” where they mostly discuss what the title suggests, but aren’t afraid to dive into current events through the lens of the Gospel.






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