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Ep 229: DREAMS...why he STOPPED chasing and STARTED catching



Dreams are beautiful. When it comes to what you see in your dreams, what you's one thing to dream and another thing to turn dreams into reality. Moving dreams into reality is a life mission for John Bourgeois, my guest on the show today.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Words, their perception and how they affect our outcomes

  • What it looks like to be committed to yourself and your values

  • How to move past dreaming and start catching those dreams

With over 15 years in the corporate world, leading, training, and developing leaders, and the height of his career, overseeing 5 states in the USA with 293 locations under his leadership, John decided to leave the corporate world. After a decade of dreaming, John decided to stop making excuses and start catching his dreams. What originally started as writing a book, has evolved into a movement of Dreamcatchers, where John and his community are tired of chasing their dreams and are now catching them.


John Bourgeois


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