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Ep 207: 5 gifts we could give ourselves to get closer to freedom and life ownership



There are all sorts of gifts that we could give ourselves. There are all sorts of gifts that we could give to other people, but there are five gifts in particular that I think are super helpful as we're pushing along and trying to make a bigger impact in this world. There are five gifts that I think will change the way we both look at our journey, the way we attack our journey, and how we feel as we're going along that journey. And so we'll talk about that in today's episode, and I'm going to take a look at it from an episodic summary perspective, but I'm going to take a look at it from the lens of someone who is anxiously and constantly saying, "How do I get the freedom that I'm after? How do I really take control and create the life that I desire? What gifts should I be giving to myself?"

Gift 1: Give yourself permission (Ep. 202 You have the permission you are waiting for)

Gift 2: Give yourself breathing room (Ep. 203 Is there space between you and your ambitious deadlines?)

Gift 3: Give yourself care and attention (Ep 204 If "mom" isn't happy, should everyone suffer?)

Gift 4: Give yourself accountability (Ep 205 Accountability called and you didn't answer)

Gift 5: Give yourself support (Ep 206 Be an architect...Lay out the work and get some help)


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