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Ep 200: Vulnerabilty and Value are best friends



Vulnerability and value really are like two best friends. I say that because the more vulnerable that we can be, or even the more vulnerable that we watch others be, you tend to see that you get some value out of what they're saying, cause you identify with their story or you find out that there is possibility and hope to take an alternate path or to get to an outcome despite an obstacle. Well, in today's episode we're going to talk about some of the vulnerabilities that I've shared and then an episodic summary around a few different topic areas. And I hope that my vulnerability, you take as value for your own journey. You take it, you use it, you adopt it. So in this episode, let's dig into several of my vulnerabilities that I hope to help you along your path.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

Being vulnerable about what's hard (Ep 195: The HARD things about HARD things)

Being vulnerable about what you need to course-correct on your journey (Ep 197:

Being vulnerable about your life circumstances and finding courage(Ep. 198

Being vulnerable about busyness addictions (Ep. 100


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