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Ep 199: The Busy Bee is resting and saving her energy



Being busy can be like a drug addiction. And I realize I'm saying that in probably the most crude way possible, but it's true. You think about somebody that's addicted to drugs and how they, "Oh, I need to get the next hit or the next high" or whatever it is. They need to get them to the next place or feel like they're in a comfortable state. Busy can be the same way. And I'm saying that not as a judgment call to you. I'm saying that because I know it even in my own life. And so on today's episode, we're going to talk about slowing down and through the context of where I've had some coaching come into play. My own coach helping to coach me along my path and broadening our look from this entrepreneurial journey perspective and all the goals that we should be considering and how being less busy plays into that.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • A new routine that's slowed my rushed/anxious feelings

  • The ability to create time by being less busy

  • The clarity you can find, when your time is less hurried


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