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Ep 196: Challenge: Decide to NOT be the Lone Wolf



There are many characters that represent what I like to call the lone Wolf. The single heroic character. There is Superman, there is superwoman and for some reason, my list stops there only because I'm really just not into the comic book heroes and all that. So those of you that are, you know yourself, there are others very much like those two that appear as the dominant figure, like the lone figure that saves the world, saves the day, does all these miraculous things and in every place and able to do all these different things by themselves, single-handedly. Well, today in this episode we're talking about how that mentality is one that we need to abandon if we have been using it in any way as part of our strategy.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • A challenge for you to execute in 7 days for business growth

  • The effects of the lone wolf mentality

  • The mental possibility of expansion associated with a collaboration


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