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Ep 195: The HARD thing about HARD things



I'm talking about the hard thing about hard things today because there is a little bit of, I don't quite know the right word to say, but a little bit of deceit. Maybe that's the word, a little bit of deceit in that statement. The hard thing about hard things, even the statement things are hard. I think it's important that on our bigger impact journey, as we move towards full-time entrepreneurship and being awesome entrepreneurs in our businesses that are growing and that are thriving, we have to be super careful about when we encounter the hard things to know what's reality and to know what's fiction and maybe what's going on behind it.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The deception of "hard"

  • The role authenticity plays on the degree of difficulty in our actions

  • How easy it is to get wrapped up in expectations over value delivery


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