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Ep 186: Attracting the right people to help you grow



People absolutely play a role in our growth on this bigger impact journey. Whether supporters, detractors, or even customers, everyone play a role and to accelerate our growth it's up to us to put those pieces together. Let's talk through an episode series recap and see how we should be putting the people side of the equation together to step our game all the way up.

In this episode, we'll recap...

How, where, why to attract the right people to help you grow:

1. Using a coach to reveal the blind spots, help focus, and provide strategic counsel (Ep 181: Hiring a coach to support you in pressing the gas on your business)

2. Being aware of unhealthy relationships (Ep 182: Is your relationship with people around you hindering your success?)

3. Building a community of customers, prospects and leads (Ep 183: Are you attracting your tribe or chasing people?)

4. Acknowledging and supporting the ambitions of those in your family (Ep 184: Setting the energy at home that keeps everyone open to dream and not pissed off)


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