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Ep 179: Signs That Being Your Own Boss May or May Not Be For You

Updated: Dec 16, 2019



You may have the dreams of full out entrepreneur life. But you could also be dreaming, and we don't want to just dream we need reality darling. So if you're stuck between dreams and reality, let's look back on some episodes and see how you can tell the difference.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Willing to believe and take a stand for your thoughts? (Ep 174: People pleasing is a habit that should die hard)

  • Problems being told that a solution cannot be found or that an idea cannot be tested? (Ep 177: What my reaction to authority tells me about my entrepreneurship journey)

  • Believe a team helps you create bigger than life impact and success? (Ep 178: If you were to build a team...who would you hire?)

  • Are you a doer or a talker? (Ep 175: The 48-hour test: BELIEF in your success is determined by what you do in 48 hours.)

Being your own boss may or may not be for you. I bet you're thinking that it is for you. And that's probably why you're listening to me right now because you're thinking, "Candace, wait a second. I am already on my way." Well perfect. That's fantastic. But let's talk through a little bit and recap some of these episodes. There are a few different things that I want you to think about when we talk about, "Is it really for you or is it not?" And I hope that everything down this path is a yes. We make sure that we're marching down a path of a reality in the success that you want to chase. So the first thing is, are you willing to believe in and take a stand for your thoughts? It's super, super, super important that when you're down the path of building this bigger impact journey that you're able to take that stand for the things that you believe in and to be able to push towards taking them unapologetically. You see solutions, you see me as that can be placed in the market. Do you believe in it enough that you are willing to stand on it?

In episode 174, I talked about people-pleasing and the title of that episode was "People-pleasing is a Habit that Should Die Hard." There's so much wrapped up in people-pleasing that halts and limits our push on a bigger impact journey and part of that is tied in with the way that other people think. The other people react to the thoughts that we have to the things that we think. So really be clear on whether or not you're willing to believe in and take a stand for your thoughts. Go ahead and revisit episode 174 to dig into that a little deeper.

The next thing, PROBLEMS. When you hear of problems, when you see problems, when you have an idea for a solution and there's something blocking your ability to execute on that idea, your ability to test that idea, How do you feel about that? What's your reaction to that? Because if you are really like, "I'm all in for this entrepreneur life" then that is going to be frustrating to you. So in episode 177, I talked about my reaction to authority and that episode is titled "What my Reaction to Authority Tells me about my entrepreneurship journey." And there are very strong things, but I will tell you this, entrepreneurs who are pushing to make a bigger impact, feel compelled to exercise the ideas that they have the solutions to potential problems that they have and any limits and shackles that get placed, they are pushing, screaming, kicking to get out of it to see what the end is going to be. So do you fall into that category? Look at episode 177, take a listen and go a little bit deeper on that one.

Now the next thing, are you planning to forever be alone in this journey to make a bigger impact? Are you saying, "Oh, I'm going to make an impact in the world so big. No one has ever expected it would be this big. I didn't even realize I would touch so many lives with what I can bring to the world" if you're saying that, but at the same time you're preparing yourself to be alone in this journey and not bring others along with you, I would question it and I would question how ready you are for that full out entrepreneur life. So if you believe that a team can help you create a bigger than life impact and success, then I'm all onboarding your team. You're right, you're on the right path here. If you listen to episode 178, that one's titled "If you were to build a team, who would you hire?" I want you to go deeper and reflect on this episode and see if you've got yourself in a space where you're pushing to make a bigger impact, but you're bringing others along with you because you know that your success is bigger than just you.

Now the last thing, and this is a big one, are you a doer or are you a talker? Now, I bet if you've been listening to me for any length of time and we're like besties here, I don't even have to doubt that you're a doer. But if for some reason every time I say take this and take action, you do nothing, let's look a little closer. There is some importance and there's a gap between us saying and believing and doing all the visions and vision boards in the world and us actually executing. In episode 175, "The 48-hour Test: Belief in Your Success is Determined By What You Do in 48 hours." Go back and dig into that episode and really measure yourself to say, "Am I filling in the gap between my dreams and my reality? How do I know?" Well, I can see it, I can put it into practice by looking at what I'm doing. So think about all these things and I truly believe if you've been with me for any length of time, if this is the first episode you're listening to, well I hope you hang on a little bit longer.

But if you've been with me for any length of time, I believe that you are looking to push forward and make a bigger impact and own your time, own your talent, own your identity, own your freedom, own what you have to offer the world. It's just important that we sit back and reflect on what are we missing? What do we need to grab a hold onto? What do we need more of on this path to be more, do more, be called for more? So take this and take action.


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