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Ep 173: Life is not happening to US..."we, I, you" and our self-love play a LARGE role



Sometimes...really...quite often... our roads point us back to things we need to fix starting with us, the change we need to make starting with us. I'm joined by Rachelle Richard in the guest chair.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Overcoming our experiences, perceptions and the negative stories we tell ourselves

  • The power of meditation in amplifying your empowerment

  • The need to be able to help yourself before you can help others

Rachelle Richard is a Speaker, Author, Intuitive Empath, Energy Guide, Goddess Tribe Leader, and Self Love Empowerment Coach. In her power reclamation journey, she has learned with extreme clarity that life is not happening to us, rather it is happening for us from us.

Through a journey of discovering the clarity of her soul purpose, she has endured and overcome trauma, abuse, assault, drug addiction, prostitution, being arrested, anxiety, depression, and bipolar misdiagnosis. It has been an intense firsthand human experience for her to shift from the chaos of destructive self-loathing and defeat to the calming clarity and presence of empowered self-love.

“I am here to save the world” was the phrase a platinum blonde-haired little girl would declare. It is abundantly clear decades later that Rachelle Richard has known her entire life she was here for a powerful love-focused earth mission. Little did she know then that in order to save the world, it would require learning first how to save, and love, her own Self.

“It is not a choice to become a victim; it is a choice to stay one.” – Rachelle Richard


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