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Ep 172: Where money matters in becoming a full-time entrepreneur



Becoming a full-time entrepreneur with all its ups and downs has lots of little to do pieces running around in it. There are lots of places to spend money while you determine how you'll make money, then later determine how you'll scale it. Money matters in the entrepreneurship game, let's do an episode series recap and talk about where it matters most.

In this episode, we'll recap...

Three areas where money matters:

  1. As flow and performance in your business. (Ep. 168 Money Flow in your Business)

  2. Getting your head right and creating growth room. (Ep. 170 Investing dollars in your Mental Capacity and Evolution)

  3. Expanding your generosity. (Ep. 171 Creating Impact Monetarily Outside of your Customers and Clients)

So this push towards becoming a full-time entrepreneur, you are actively working in your business and you're trying to make things happen. Hopefully, you're seeing lots of wins and lots of successes and hopefully, you've also learned where money is playing a key role or where you're seeing it factor in. And there may be some places where it's hidden and you don't really see it. Well, let's talk about it and just recap for a little bit. I did a series around money and where it matters in your business at a few different episodes. Let's just go back through and recap and I'm going to encourage you to go and actually listen to the particular episode. Just to go a little bit deeper on what I'm saying here, but let's talk about where we must focus our attention.

In episode 168, I talked about money in terms of its performance in your business and thinking about your money as an employee. How is it performing? Is it doing? Is it meeting the expectations that you've set out for it to do? And really taking that lens because as you're becoming a full-time entrepreneur, how you spend your money, how you generate money, all of that has decision making connected to it. So either am I bringing in the money that I want to see before I make my leap? or am I spending my money in the right way because I have these other things to pay for? And Oh, by the way, I'm saving to make sure my leap fund is healthy. So money performance is super important. So I'm gonna encourage you to take a listen back to Episode 168: Money flow in your business to see just are you paying attention to the money as it's flowing beyond just the revenues and expenses.

Now the next thing that we need to focus on is making sure that our head is right and that we're creating a growth room. And when I talk about our head being right, I'm talking about our mental game. I'm always hugging on our mental game because it is super important. And so in episode 170, I talked about in investing dollars and investing energy and just your mindset and your mental capacity and your evolution. It's really important, especially as we're on our path. When we're on our path to making our leap and getting into the fulltime space, there are so many things that we're still dealing with. , There are some things that are non-negotiable. So if we are parents, in my case I'm a mother and a wife, I work in the community, but I also have that full-time piece to deal with, if you have that full timepiece to still deal with, as you're making your leap, it's really important that we can compartmentalize and create capacity for the important things that will help us along our journey. So take a listen to Episode 170 where I'm talking about investing dollars in your mental capacity and evolution there.

Now the third thing is expanding your generosity. Okay? So in episode 171 I'm talking about what it really means to create impact and create a bigger impact and getting outside of just the transformations that we do for our customers and our clients and thinking about the bigger picture as it relates to impact and how understanding that relative to our money both helps us make more money in our business and helps us give more, do more, be more impactful to the people who don't know us, who don't care our voices. Just knowing overall that landscape of the impact that you want to create, how you want to create it and that it's bigger. What you do today is an important piece, an important factor. That has a play on our money as well, whether you realize it or not. So you can take a listen to Episode 171: Creating Impact Monetarily outside of your Customers and Clients to dive a little bit deeper. Understand that overall your money matters and it doesn't just matter on the road to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. It matters when you're in your full-time entrepreneurship role, period. It never stops mattering. So it's important to get it right now. And if this is something where you're saying, "Okay, I know I need to get it right, but I can't seem to put the pieces together or I can't understand why I can't get over the hurdle of asking in exchange for my services, I don't have my mind position to understand that." What's really happening is I'm helping people get their transformation in exchange for this transaction of a thing that we call money. If that's something that you can't quite overcome or get over and it's a blocker for you, let's talk. So hit me up on Instagram @candacespears Drop me an email let's go through and just get on a call and just talk through and understand where your blocks are and how I may be able to help you get through it.


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