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Ep 169: How I on-boarded a Sales Rep for my side hustle in 3 days

Updated: Dec 19, 2019



I hired an inside sales rep. Between content readiness and getting her up to's been about three days, and she will soon be killing it after we finish the remaining onboarding.

Who is she? What is she doing for me? Let's talk about it.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • The role of an inside sales rep

  • The importance of building relationships with leads to warm them up

  • How automation can help you create time for other priorities and grow your business

Inside sales reps can be awesome...period. Almost end of story.

These are usually the folks that are warming up leads, or maybe they have a small offering that they can easily sell by phone. Because they cost less than having someone in the field they’re usually the first contact with sales when people are calling into a business submitting an inquiry, or outbound they are likely to be the ones following up with contacts from a recent conference, or connecting with folks based on a list they been provided or based on their own hunting.

Either way, it’s these sales folks that once they’ve made their encounter, you may have a warm qualified lead on your hand and an opportunity to introduce that lead into a product or service that you offer that can help them accomplish their goals and dreams.

Well, guess what? I hired myself an inside sales rep. Except my rep doesn’t breathe like you and me, doesn’t need to eat, doesn’t sleep, and there are no bathroom breaks :)

No, I’m not running any type of illegal operation, I’m being smart about where and how to best utilize my time given all the other amazing things happening around me.

My sales rep’s name is AutoFunnel.

It feels like I should give her a much cooler name, but hey, Get Response calls her that.

Okay, I feel like you’ve got this look on your face that says, “really?” and you call yourself creative?”

Because I don’t want you to leave with a lackluster impression...okay...her name is Sandra… Sandra Auto Funnel.

Now that you’ve been properly introduced, I need you to know that what she’s doing for me is helping me operate within my constraints of limited time. Limited given the need to balance mom life, wife life, the 9-to-5, growing my business, community participation and oh, by the way, we can’t forget...the precious “me” time I demand.

Here’s what Sandra is doing for me...

  • Introducing part-time female entrepreneurs to a checklist that will help them achieve their goal of resigning from corporate America and being a full-time entrepreneur.

  • If they decide the checklist is exactly what they need she’ll serve it up to them directly in their inbox

  • She then goes into full concierge mode and will communicate with each person individually over the next few days to introduce them to me, and provide them content that willow us to get to know each other better in the most mutually beneficial and valuable way.

  • While Sandra is building the relationship she’s working in the background to make sure, she places that female entrepreneur on the right contact list for me, and that she has as much information as possible to help us stay in touch and to serve her with more resources that will be important and relevant.

Oh, Sandra… pal Sandra. Now if you’re thinking, Candace it sounds like you just created a free download, said in far fewer words….and to that I my young Simba from the Lion King voice.

Sandra Auto Funnel is going beyond delivering a free piece of content she’s looking at managing my interaction with the leads coming through. She doesn’t want to just dump content, she’s far too classy for that. She recognizes that the whole picture and that the relationship with a lead is important.

So Sandra and I are working out a few kinks, but thankfully she’s easy to work with. After first getting grounded on what value I wanted her to provide (ex. Fleeing Corporate America Checklist) and what was important to build the relationship (Share info about me, provide more valuable resources, build trust...all through email) the rest was a matter of clicking buttons to ensure she has the right info coming her way to execute and to measure.

Every growing and even mature business needs a Sandra. If you don’t have a Sandra, get going. She’ll be one of your best hires…

Right now with the holidays in flight, Get Response is giving you access to Auto Funnel and a full 30-day trial, along with other deals leading up to Christmas.

My Sandra is a Lead Autofunnel, but you have opportunities to dive deeper and broader. Start hiring your help;)

Get started with a Get Response 30 day trial today.

Fleeing corporate America and taking ownership of your time, talent, and freedom?


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