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Ep 166: He CHANGED his mental program and saw Amazon sales jump to 5 figures per month



I say it time and time again that our mind is a powerful force. Well, my next guest is a witness, and has seen and felt the impact through his entrepreneurial journey.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Supporting non-profit passions w for-profit hustles

  • The importance of trying consistently

  • The difference between affirmations and self-talk

My guest on the show today is David Smith. An Air Force Desert Storm Veteran, he's run multiple home businesses including eBay, Amazon seller, and network marketer. After spending YEARS failing at multiple businesses, he was shown the secret sauce... that our mental programs drive every part of our lives and that it is relatively easy to change those programs. Blown away by the change and realizing that SO many people need this, he became a Certified Life/Business Coach and a Certified Self Talk Trainer coaching home business entrepreneurs using a combination of mindset training, unique goal setting, and accountability to grow the business of their dreams.

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