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Ep 162: Nilah's Thanksgiving Day Message

Updated: Nov 29, 2019



It's thanksgiving day, and I have little to say but I hope that when you sit down and enjoy this holiday, you carry with it a spirit of appreciation for where you are right now in life. The people you have in your life. Then I hope you're thankful for where you plan to be, and the people that will need to move and come into your life. The episode today is a message from my middle daughter Nilah, she came to me while standing in the room watching me record and said "Mom" I want to do a podcast. So I took a step back hit the record button, and what you hear is what poured from her little soul.

In this episode, you'll hear...

  • A message of thanks you can embrace, act on, and share from Nilah Spears

Nilah Spears:

Hi people, we are going to talk about "Thanksgiving" because I love talking about holidays. It's my favorite. So let's get started.

So what do you think of Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is kind of like a Turkey day, but I think everybody does not know what's on Turkey day. So I'm Nilah Spears and I love holidays because it's like celebrating and having fun with people. So I might have Turkey for Thanksgiving it's very nice to have parents and other children, but you know, it's going to change kind of different from the days, like from last year is very different and all that. We love Thanksgiving holidays and other people, we care about them, we love them and we think about them.


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