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Ep 156: Book Review: You're a Bada** at Making Money



I have browsed through the aisles of Target several times, walking past the electronics and wheeling my cart past the book section, well, all the latest releases catching my eye. On a number of occasions, I've seen books by Jen Sincero, with their solid color simple book covers. I recall seeing, a yellow one, a blue one and a green one, and the bold headline of "You're a Badass..." plastered on the front. Her name, her first name, in particular, stuck in my mind. Why? Not sure. Well maybe the "badass" part, but anyhow I remembered. So when I began to see her name and that phrase pop up on reading lists of people I follow, I began to pay attention. And of her books, the green one really got my attention this time, it's called "You're a Badass at making money." We'll review this money mindset focused work.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • Jen's take on money and the ridiculousness we bring to talking about it

  • How people should be viewed as conduits for money

  • What it looks like to raise our frequency and the frequency of the opportunities that come our way

So I am about five chapters. In fact, I think I just started the fifth chapter into this book, Jensen Shadows' book. And so far it is awesome. It is amazing. When the book first starts out, no surprise, she goes right in and attacks our thoughts and the importance of our thoughts. And there wasn't anything super new or life-changing as she talked about thoughts. But I think it was an important reminder of just how important they are in keeping our money mindset and attracting money and attracting wealth to us. And I'm going to read here an excerpt from her, talking about thoughts and the importance there. It says:

"Your beliefs are driving the bus. They take you where you're going, whether you're paying attention or not. Thoughts are the tour guide working in harmony with your beliefs, but with all the veto power words back up. Your thoughts and beliefs voice their opinions, anchor in their message, keep it real. Emotions are the fuel ignited by your thoughts and can change your beliefs and the direction of your life. Without emotions, you're going nowhere new and exciting. Actions build the road. They pave the path for your beliefs, but we'll reroute should thoughts and emotions make a change of plans."

And so I love how she ties in just that emotion piece with the action. Action is really going to help you get there. It can't just be an emotional game but surrounding these emotions and these actions are your beliefs. And so the things that we believe about money, and I've talked about this before, whether it's people with money or greedy or even the humblest of statements like, "I couldn't possibly accept money for this. It's just my duty. I just want to help." Those kinds of thoughts shape how money comes to us or in some cases flows away from us.

Action is really going to help you get there. (Click to tweet)

Now, one of the other things that she does talk about early on, which I think is super valid when you think about it, is that we often treat money as if it's something that we shouldn't be talking about as if it's a dirty word. It's the equivalent of people don't talk about sex. That's taboo. You wouldn't talk about that. That would be inappropriate. And a lot of times people treat money the same way. But the question is why? And our belief around that being inappropriate and seeming shady to talk about money or seeming greedy to talk about money, those are all beliefs that are shaping our thoughts, that are shaping our actions, that are shaping our opportunities. Allowing ourselves to get clear about our thoughts and what's going on, they're super, super important.

We often treat money as if it's something that we shouldn't be talking about as if it's a dirty word. (Click to tweet)

Now, another piece that I really, really liked is how she talked about people being just the conduit for money. I don't mean just the conduit for money, but in the context of her talking about money being this sort of energetic exchange. And in particular, when you're running a business, your focus shouldn't be on, "Oh, I want to make sure that this person pays me for this service and or I want to make sure I've charged just the right amount." And you're getting so focused on that exchange of money with this person that you lose focus on a higher frequency and that higher frequency being your own excitement that you're about to transform someone's life and the energy that comes along with the money exchange.

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This person is just a conduit for that life transformation that's about to happen for them. So I thought that was really, really interesting. And in fact, as I listened to it instantly, I said, "Oh, okay, here's a way for me to tamper down some of the fear or sometimes negative emotions that come with selling yourself. Or being able to have a sales conversation or a discovery call conversation without feeling like, Oh my gosh, and now it's time to close the sale and now it's time to ask for the sale." This feels shady. This feels like something that I shouldn't do. They may say no, they made this, they made that. And then in all of that, losing focus on the transformation that you can help them go through and being excited about that exchange to help them transform. So that was a huge piece that I've walked away with so far in the book.

And I will tell you right now if you are still struggling with money mindset issues or you're trying to figure out whether you even have mindset issues, cause a lot of times we don't even realize that we have a money mindset problem. Sometimes it's like, "Well, what is that? There's nothing wrong with me. I don't even know what this money mindset thing is anyway. It doesn't seem real. It seems like a bunch of fluff, whatever it is." You may be thinking this book really is a good one and she does it in a very humorous way, a super humorous way. So I do recommend that you check out this book.

Now I'm going to do a part two on this book, cause like I said, I'm only five chapters in, but I really didn't want to wait to start talking about this because I think there are some really good valuable nuggets in it. So you can go check out the book. It's you're a bad A-S-S. And yes, I'm intentionally not saying the full word. I am not a Swearer. I'm not sure if that's the right terms where a person that curses a lot, it's just not in my nature. "You're a bad A-S-S at making money by Jen Sincero" is a really good book. So go check it out and stay around for part two when it comes out. Well, I'll talk about some revelations and reviews from the second half of the book.


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