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Ep 155: 30 day GROWTH GOALS update



In episode 134, I talked about my 30-day growth goal of spending 30 uninterrupted minutes of the weekday, playing with my girls. A goal that was me acting now, for the life I want to have in the future. The life of freedom, ownership, and the ability to easily prioritize the important people, places, and things. Well, a couple of weeks have passed...let's talk about how that's going.

In this episode, we'll talk about...

  • My growth goal updates

  • The things that can easily throw our goals off track

  • How you can push through or when to create a new growth goal.

With my growth goal in mind, I am sad to report that it's not going all that well. So 30 uninterrupted minutes, Monday through Friday. Suppose my plan uninterrupted minutes meant fun minutes, and fun minutes meant I'm not worried about telling them that you're ready for school or helping them get ready for school. I'm not trying to multitask and do two things at one time while I listen to them talk. No uninterrupted minutes were uninterrupted minutes. So I think I've had, maybe five or less so times when I've really been successful with that 30 minutes goal. And I just recall that the times that I have been successful, like just the other night I came downstairs and two of the girls and NILAH and Lori were downstairs and Lori wanted to write rules for the house. Go figure. She wanted to write rules for the house and she had her little notepad and she wanted me to write them down. She was going to go around the house and say, "No touching the tree" and "Make sure you put your food away" and all this other stuff.

That evening I just recall sitting on the couch, super relaxed, had my robe on and I've got my pad in my hand that she had given me and a pen. Nilah was off on the other side, half-listening to Lori, half-reading book. Naomi I think was off upstairs somewhere. But it was really an uninterrupted time. I wasn't thinking about what I had to go and do when I left their presence. I wasn't thinking about what had happened during the day. It truly was energy and attention focused on them. That felt good from a quality time perspective. And it felt so good. It reminded me that I need to pay attention to my goals to get where I want to go because it wasn't happening as often as I would like. And so it's easy to have our goals while we're thinking about our growth goals or any goal. It's easy for us to have it thrown off track with something and sometimes that something is really appealing. Sometimes we can also convince ourselves that that something is worth throwing our goals off track. So for me, part of the reason that I haven't been able to really hit this goal hard is, to be honest, things growing my business. Either I come across this new thing I need to do with a course that I'm in or I've uncovered a piece of information that's super valuable from YouTube and I want to go test it out. Or even if I'm in the throws of regular operations for the business that I make sure that the episodes were edited, that I make sure that my newsletter is ready to go. All these different things are easy, easy, easy, easy for us to say, "well, I have to do this. I have to make sure it happens." And you do want to be consistent in your business. But it's easy for us to throw those ahead of goals that really do mean a lot to us. So that's kind of at the thing that's been throwing me off track lately.

Sometimes we can also convince ourselves that that something is worth throwing our goals off track. (Click to tweet)

I've tried to stay focus though on when I thought about that one moment, with the robe and Lori writing the rules and me sitting there and uninterrupted time. I try to think back to that moment as a standard for me as something that I can tangibly point back to and say, "Yeah, that's what I want." You remember when you had that experience, that's what you want. And I think that's something helpful for us to do. So as you've thought about your growth goals, and if you haven't, the whole idea is to take the next 30 days and decide where you need to grow the most. That's not necessarily in your business. It could be in life in general, it can be in relationships with other people. Where do you need to see the growth that will help you on your bigger impact journey overall? As you look at that and as you decide what those goals are, just be aware of, Yeah, you can fall off track, but also be aware that you can also get back on the track and keep going and know that it helps to have something to point to. So to have experienced what it feels like to achieve that goal at least one time, at least a couple times so that you can refer back to that experience, that's the type of thing that can help you push through.

Where do you need to see the growth that will help you on your bigger impact journey overall? (Click to tweet)

And if for some reason the experience that you had in meeting that goal was not so hot, it wasn't so desirable, it wasn't what you thought it would be, that also gives you a good opportunity to create a new goal, but you're creating it with some evidence. Evidence being, I've experienced this, this is not really what I wanted, so I'm gonna pivot and do something new. So if you haven't created your growth goals, do it. Try to stick to it or at least learn from it.


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